Hotel & Resort Amenities Products can be made in various designs, materials, packaging and sizes to suit the requirement of Hotels, Resorts, etc.

All Grace Amenities products can be personalized with a logo according to requirement.

You will get the best reliable products in reasonable prices. Different colors, styles, materials, sizes, packings, logos are available on request. Please contact us to get the details.

If you are interested in our hotel amenities or our services, please contact us.
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Grace Amenities, produces and markets a broad range of Hotel Guest Room Amenities and Toiletreris. Because no 2 products are similar, Grace Amenities emphasize on the customisation of products, specific to the target audience, or specific to the branding needs of the clients. From the colours to the size, material to the design, we are able to make it happen.

At grace amenities we understand yours hotels identified that’s why we offer wide range of branding solutions by providing unique design and solutions.

Subject to minimum quantity requirement we can customise Toiletries and Amenities with Hotel Logo and Branding .

At Grace Amenities, we understand that your hotel or hospitality business has its own unique identity, from your special services, to your relationship to your guests. That is why we pride ourselves to be a trusted supplier of private labels and custom amenities, necessities and accessories in india. We have a team of private label experts that will design, develop and manufacture your private label hotel amenities and necessities in accordance with your specific requirements.

No matter what ever your requirement is your hotel name logo theme based packing ect. We provide you one point solutions for all the customization.

Crucial Piece of the Brand Experience

Unlike impressive architecture and interiors or the friendly gestures extended to guest during their stay that can only be enjoyed on premise, guest amenities such as toiletries, on the other hand, is a piece of the brand experience that guests get to take home with them and enjoy long after their physical interactions with the hospitality brand. Thus, toiletries actually play a crucial role for guest to derive a sense of value.

Demonstrating Sustainability

Grace Amenities is a proven way to demonstrate sustainability by getting guests to experience environmentally friendly items and also getting them involved in environmentally friendly practices.

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